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Homicide in Hillsborough

A Hillsborough man shot and killed his friend after the victim pulled a handgun on him in front of his home on the 100 block of De Sabla Road at Sherwood Court, said police Capt. Mark O’Connor.

The Hillsborough man, Bradley Kleiman, 30, called police and was taken into custody in front of his home in the southeast section of the usually quiet town. 

The District Attorney’s Office and forensic lab workers were called to the scene to help gather evidence.

Central County firefighters helped block off the crime scene as a small group of neighbors gathered down the street from the home where the shooting took place to speculate on what may have happened.

Police did not release the victim’s name last night pending notification of his family.

It is unclear whether the victim and suspect were engaged in an argument before the shooting took place. A motive has yet to be established. There were no eyewitnesses and no one reported hearing the single gun shot, O’Connor said. 

“This is a terrible and unfortunate incident, but isolated,” O’Connor said.

It is the third homicide in San Mateo County in six days. David Lewis, 54, a prominent community leader in East Palo Alto was shot dead last Wednesday in San Mateo at the Hillsdale Shopping Center. John La Pierre, 20, was shot dead in San Bruno Friday night. No suspects have been arrested in either of those cases. 

The last murder in Hillsborough was Priscilla Ng in June 2004.