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Gangsters Taser man at a school

Gangsters Taser man at a school

By Dana Yates
Police are looking for up to five men who Tasered a rival gang member at an elementary school and caused another car to crash after firing at least one gun shot.

At approximately 4:30 p.m. yesterday, a man called 911 and reported he was shot with a Taser gun. He told police three men jumped out of a black sports utility vehicle and chased him down the street toward Fair Oaks Elementary, at 2950 Fair Oaks Ave., in unincorporated Redwood City. Seven minutes later, dispatchers received a report of shots fired and a crashed vehicle near Sixth Avenue and Middlefield Road, said Lt. Lisa Williams of the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office.

The car likely crashed after someone in the car it was chasing — the black SUV — fired a gun. There no bullet holes found in the car, but at least one witness reported hearing gunshots. The shots likely scared the driver who crashed, Williams said.

“All indications is that this is a gang-related incident,” Williams said.

The driver of the car that crashed was probably a member of the rival gang and a friend of the victim, Williams said.

Initial reports indicate the suspects were wearing shirts that read DEA and had radios attached to their belts. However, Williams could not confirm that.

Police issued a countywide bulletin to be on the lookout for the suspects. They are described as three to five Hispanic adults, driving a black SUV similar to a GMC Tahoe, Williams said.

Taser guns are often used by law enforcement but, like guns, are available for purchase by the average citizen. There is no indication how the men got their hands on Tasers.